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Vacancy nr : 197

Your responsibilities

Would you like to play in the IT Champions League? Are you also an experienced Front-End Developer and are you enthusiastic about an organization that invests heavily in both the latest technologies and in knowledge development? Then read on and respond quickly!

You will work in a multidisciplinary team that is responsible for realizing the dreams of its customers. We are currently working on the transformation of an existing Web application in Angular 1.5. When the migration in Angular is complete, there is room to work with the latest techniques in Front-End area! You can think of React and Polymer.
In addition, the development of internal software has been brought to the core of the organization. Better technology, direct user feedback, fast delivery processes and maximum automation are the current standard of excellent service in this modern era.

The current phase of work is therefore a very interesting one. For example, a 100% greenfield mobile product is planned for the higher customer segment. This means, among other things:
A combination of old and the latest technologies;
The chance to roll out this product to other target groups (currently 600,000 users!).

At the moment the following technologies and frameworks are mainly used (do not be alarmed if you do not know everything: this will happen!): Polymer, Java, Redux, Sonar, Rest API, Jenkins, Maven, Fitnesse, Selenium, Elastic Search , Protractor, Mesos, Marathon and Gemfire. All this is based on a Tomcat / Linux / Oracle stack in which completely new automated functions are delivered in production every two weeks.

Google, Spotify and Facebook are seen as competition! No wrong names, right? The colleagues in this department are extremely smart software engineers who like to keep up to date with the latest developments. Some are even speakers during public Meetups and well-known bloggers in the community. There is close cooperation between them by, for example, conducting code evaluations or, if necessary, linking programming. All this is of course done from a DevOps Scrum team with sprints of two weeks.

Your competencies

You have at least 3 years experience as Front-End developer
Recent experience with Angular 1.5
Experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript and Angular.js
Experience with Test-driven development
You have experience working in a complex and challenging IT environment
You have extensive experience in an Agile / Scrum / Dev / Ops team
You are a team player and a real professional

To wish
Basic skills (Linux) operations and automation skills
Experience with Scala and Gotlin
Skills that help us improve our CI / CD Pipeline (for example with the use of Docker)
Experience with DevOps (monitoring production, Grafana, Kibana)
Experience in an enterprise environment

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